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Enjoy the Town!



The Log by Ramuntos | Williamstown, MA

8.5 mi


Jimmy Peak | Hancock, MA

3.4 mi


Mt. Greylock | Berkshire County

6.7 mi


Water Street Grill | Williamstown, MA

8,5 mi


Norte Azul | Stephentown, NY

5.6 mi


Cumberland Farms |Stephentown, NY

5.6 Miles

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You can get hands-on downtown.
Main streets lean toward locally-owned stores and shopping with character.
From antiques to handmade jewelry, retail shops focus on the unique and hard-to-find.

Find quality hiking gear and casual clothing at Nature’s Close to 0rGoff’s Sports. Have your bike fixed up at The Spoke.

From May to October, farmers markets crop up in most Berkshire towns with live music, crafts, pastries, and prepared foods. Highly Recommend!


The Appalachian Trail crosses Mount Greylock at the highest point in the state. With rivers, ridges, and changes in elevation, the mountains offer habitats for many kinds of plants, animals, and birds.

Come enjoy for yourself in the great outdoors!

2541 Hancock Rd.,

Williamstown, MA 01267